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About Us

The E-learning centre is continuously researching on new technologies that will enrich our programs delivery and enhance your experience as a user.

Ever thought of attending a class at the comfort of your office or while in a traffic jam? DKUT is working towards a fully fledged virtual campus with an online teacher and an online class.

DKUT E-Learning Centre provides support for online users. It ensures availability of the system, enrolls new users to the system and answers questions on technical issues regarding the portal

Why choose DKUT For Online learning .....

  • Accessibility and convenience; you access the services any time anywhere provided you have the necessary technology.
  • Retaining your job while attending school for those with busy schedules.
  • Spending time with family; concern that your family life will be disrupted by attending the campus does not apply. You may comfortably study at home.
  • Save time and cost used in travelling.
  • Learning at your own pace-whether you are fast, average or slow learner you can learn at your own pace.
  • Save on fees.

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ABSTAINANCE : is sure way of avoiding AIDS ", "STOP AIDS, Keep the promise
Inspire a Generation : There is no excuse for drug abuse
Go E-learning , Go Green., Save the Planet"
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