The International Office

The International Office has been in operation since January, 2015. This Office has been established under the Department of Corporate Planning and Strategy within the Vice Chancellor’s Office.

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a) Providing appropriate support services to international students and staff while in residence at DeKUT in liaison with other relevant university sections in relation to logistics, travel arrangements and immigration.

b) To serve as a Resource Centre for international education at DeKUT with particular emphasis on information requirements by international students and staff.

c) To co-ordinate visits to DeKUT by international scholars in liaison with the Office of the Vice Chancellor.

d)To organize the exchange of visiting/affiliates, international conference/workshops, which enhance an international presence at DeKUT.


International Student Exchange through IAESTE DeKUT

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On the weekend of 28th March 2015, five Dedan Kimathi University of Technology students left the country for various cities in Germany. Derrick Nandwa (Mechatronic Engineering), Sendra Owino (Electrical and Electronic Engineering), Penina Wanjiru (Computer Science), Nicholas Njuguna (Mechatronic Engineering) and Anastacia Kinyua (Mechatronic Engineering)are part of DeKUT’s second group to participate in the international exchange of students for internships abroad through IAESTE.

The International Association for the Exchange of Student for Technical Experience (IAESTE) is an international organization providing cutting edge work experience for students abroad through paid internships. Students take up internships for 4 weeks to 18 months.

IAESTE was started in 1948 at the Imperial College in London with an aim to promote better understanding between countries and cultures as well as technical work experience. The association has more than 80 participating countries and exchanges over 7000 students annually giving them relevant experience in their area of specialization and broadening their global perspective.

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In the year 2013, with the support of the Vice Chancellor, I initiated the process of DeKUT participation in the IAESTE program. After completing the necessary application processes, DeKUT was admitted to IAESTE as a participating institution. This opened up new opportunities for our students to take up internships abroad and gain life-changing global experiences. It also allowed students from around the world to take up internships in Kenya through DeKUT.

In 2014, our first exchange year, we welcomed Maren Kuschay (Germany), Mark Trapani (Malta) and Johann Fix(Germany) for internships at DeKUT. They were attached for two months each at the E-learning Department, DeKUT Conservancy and Mechatronic Engineering Departments respectively. DeKUT also sent out James Opondo (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) to Spain for an internship with IDOM, aleading global multidisciplinary group that provides engineering, architecture and consulting services.

The IAESTE program truly falls in line with DeKUT’s aim of producing globally competitive graduates and building international linkages to grow our profile as a premier university of technology. It is the life changing experiences gained by our students that makes IAESTE such an important program. Taking part in assignments inside leading laboratories and manufacturing facilities around the world can have profound effect on the technical abilities of a student. Living in a foreign country for two or three months at such a early age in their careers gives them invaluable insights and offers them new lenses through which to look at the world. 

Moving forward, IAESTE DeKUT seeks to create new linkages with industry inside Nyeri county and beyond to have more internships for incoming student thus providing our students more opportunities for internships abroad in the one to one IAESTE exchange system.

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A vibrant IAESTE DeKUT Student Club is currently recruiting more members to participate in IAESTE activities locally and provide a pool of students to take up internships abroad when offered. IAESTE DeKUT will hold its light up to add to the bright future of DeKUT.

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, To gain all while you give, To roam the roads of lands remote, To travel is to live.”- Hans Christian Andersen

Charles Kagiri, Patron

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